Tell me how you feel (Tell me how you feel) Baby, I want you but I don't know what to say (Ohhhh) I see you everyday when you come around my way (You come around my way) I want you to know that I'm in love with you So baby come on, come on Tell me how you feel Baby, I want. Tell me how you feel on the inside When the spotlight's not around. Just swear that I'm the only one The only one, the only one. Lyrics to 'Tell Me How You Feel' by Michael Bolton.

It samples "Mellow Mellow Right On" by Lowrell Simon. Let me chill, let me feel you one more time Straight from my heart, come on with the rhyme Hold you right, hold you tight yeah by my side Give it up, give me all, ha, what you like Yes, can I feel the groove Dedicate, dedicate my love for you. Tell me how you feel (Tell me how you feel) 'Cause whenever I walk by you feel me (I feel you too) Why are you so shy?

About Tell Me How You Feel "Tell Me How You Feel" is a song by American singer and actress Joy Enriquez. No unauthorized reproduction of lyric. Watch me I'll be looking, I'll be there looking your way. You've got your name up in lights, You're feeling ok, Listen to me I'll be there looking, Watch me I'll be looking for you, I'll be there looking your way. Do you run away cause You cannot face the crowd alone. Lyrics copyright : legal lyrics licensed by MusiXmatch. If there's anything on your mind, I'm open It there's anything in your heart, honey, I'm open But how can I ever be a man If you won't open up and let me understand Oh oh oh oh yeah