Description: YKK #10C Nylon sliders. YKK Nylon Coil Zipper Tape # 10 Dusty Blue 5 yards with 5 Nickle Zipper Sliders. Zipper Repair You have a #10 YKK coil zipper. It is also lighter weight than metal zippers of the same size. Length Quantity 1-11 12-99 100+ 36” $4.50 $3.50 $3.00 This item is available in black or white only. (2) The zipper halves will be refered to as box and pin. Made for use with YKK size 10 nylon coil zippers. Dimensions: Length: 1 1/4" Width: 7/16" Package contains 12 pieces. Guaranteed by Mon, Apr 27.

TUTTI I DIRITTI RISERVATI - YKK FASTENING PRODUCTS GROUP P.IVA 02013860156. FAST 'N FREE. Top #10 Ykk Zipper Pulls Features. Top Rated Plus. 2 usynlig Coil Zippers Size 2 Invisible Standard skydere Standard Sliders Spirallynlåse str.
38 sold. YKK#5 Length Quantity 1-11 12-99 100+ 36″ $11.00 $9.35 $7.15 YKK Extra Heavy Duty Antique Copper Finished is made from the finest quality metal to ensure ... $ 11.00 – $ 12.75 Availability: In Stock YKK #10C Nylon Coil Zipper Double Slider Zipper Pull Black - 5 Pack. ... COPYRIGHT© 2017 YKK ITALIA SPA. Non-lock for Metal Zipper No.3 Metal (3M) No.3 Y-ZiP® (3Y) 3M CF 3M DF 3M DFCA 3M DFDR4 3M DFL 3M DFNT 3M DFW aaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa 3Y DFL 3Y DFW 3Y ZF aaa VISLON ® Standard. Fastening Products Group 41 DA DADR4 DAR203 DACR7 CA DA Laser Logo DA9 DADR4 DAR203 DACR7 CA DADR2A DAP1 DAPDLS DS3 DFL DFW DA DADR4 DAR203 DACR7 CA DADR2 Spirallynlåse str. Watch. YKK Zipper Pull. Subscribe 0 Thank you! Black color. The VISLON ® zipper is made of injection molded plastic elements, such as a polyacetal resin. #10C 28" Open Nylon Black Zipper. 2 sliders for 4.5 mm YKK metal tooth zippers. Combine them with zipper tape for zippers that you can put almost anywhere! Zippers are everywhere in our daily lives, and with YKK’s wide variety of products, we are sure to help you find the right zipper for your needs. The zipper itself is not repairable but it can be zipped back together by doing the following. As of our greatest pick Zipper by The Yard - Ykk #4.5 Nylon Coil Zippers Chain Multicolored Pulls Vinyl is an enticing starting, it extends all the best features with an amazing price only at All of the sliders are labelled YKK. YKK Zipper Repair Kit Solution - Made in USA YKK Zipper Repair Kit Vislon YKK #10 Molded Slider 2 vislon Sliders Color Black YKK #10 Vislon Slider fits "Old & New" YKK #10 Molded Jacket Slider Best to Replace the Whole Slide. ... YKK, Black, #10, Seperating Zipper, Double Metal Slider, Boat Canvas. Not Repair Missing Teeth on Zipper Chain. You can unsubscribe at anytime. You can also Search by color, package quantity, size and manufacturer or pick one of our YKK zipper pull feature picks. I don't know if they fit other brand zippers. Brand: YKK… Sold in packs of 5.